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The vineyards

The vineyards grow in ideal conditions for cultivating vines, among stony and clay soils, with climatic extremes and the beneficial effect of the wind called Cierzo which keeps the vines in good health.

Gobelet system

Old vines planted with the Gobelet system which are harvested by hand. The rows are wider in the North-South axis, which allow for a greater capture of sunrays and thus facilitate the adequate maturation of the bunches, which provides wines with an excellent structure.

Treillage system

Today’s plantations use the Treillage system and can be harvested by hand or with machines. The possibility to use the latter, with this kind of plantation and the proximity of the producing winery, avoid the oxidation of the grapes while harvesting.
In some of the vines, following an old tradition among local farmers, there are small “huddles” of table grapes: Cardinal, Muscat, Angelina… varieties which the farmers cultivated for their own families. A tradition and a secret only known by the local farmers.

The terroir

The importance of the terroir can be explained with the climate and the different types of soil which provide complexity and quality to our wines.

In general, soils are deep, and although most of the roots are within the first meter deep, it is the roots that go a few meters deep that ensure water needs are met during drought.

  • Clay soils

    These soils, colloquially known as "Royal", are related to wines which are rich in extracts, they foster water reserves and add tannins and consistency to the grape. Wines with a high alcohol content and a great chromatic intensity.

  • Stony soils

    The "gravel" can have a high quantity of pebbles mixed with clay soils, which fosters the growth of the vine because it presents excellent drainage and permeability. They can produce wines with high alcohol content but if you harvest a bit earlier they are usually fresh and fruity.

  • Limestone soils

    Also know as "Calar", they are whitish in color because of the high content in Calcium Carbonate and gypsum. These wines are perfect for Crianza (Aging) and will present great personality, a round body and a mineral touch in their aroma. Wines with finesse, not high in alcohol content and with a good bouquet.

The vine prefers soils which are loose and deep

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